Cyrusaudio – CD Xt Signature, schwarz

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Cyrusaudio – CD Xt Signature, schwarz

An audiophile CD player (transport) using advanced disc reading technology. The best we’ve ever made.
Based on improvements made to our Anniversary System CD player, the CD Xt Signature is a dedicated CD transport which produces audiophile sound quality. It is manufactured with a range of performance enhancing techniques and components, including an evolved version of our Servo Evolution technology.
Two separate power supplies provide huge reserves of power, which eliminates the need for a PSX-R.
The sound produced by the CD Xt Signature is truly stunning, providing a room filling wide and high soundstage.
Advanced filtering throughout the circuitry of our most advanced audiophile CD player ensures its huge power supply doesn’t interfere with the sound you hear.
This allows the Servo Evolution software (which has been updated specifically for this product) to work with miniscule precision, pulling huge amounts of data from your disc without adding or taking away anything from the music itself.
Among many component upgrades, an advanced loader has been chosen for this audiophile CD player, with LED disc detection technology for better detection and loading control.