Cyrusaudio – Pre² DAC incl. Qx-Board, silber Vorverstärker

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Vorverstärker Cyrusaudio – Pre² DAC incl. Qx-Board, silber

The Pre2 DAC Qx offers a sonic step up in performance from the Pre2 DAC because of our superb sounding Qx DAC card. The Qx DAC sounds more open and detailed than ever with an ability to paint a captivating 3D image for your music.
In all other respects this model is as per the Pre2 DAC.
Improving resolution further
Cyrus’ biggest selling model is a separate power supply we make in a matching alloy chassis. Once you select the higher power amplifier it is possible to add the PSX-R2 power supply to substantially upgrade the amplifiers resolution and dynamics.
Choose your finish
Because Cyrus products employ modern electronics they are compact and can be built into a compact case made from pressure die-cast aluminium, this also helps to refine the components sound quality. The special hand finished chassis can be ordered in either black or silver textured finishes selected to blend into a wide range of homes.
The future
We want you to create your ‘perfect’ amplifier at the point of purchase plus have the option to return your original amplifier to be upgraded with new opportunities later on. This upgradeable design concept has been created by Cyrus to provide the widest possible choice and the longest useful life for our products. If you initially order a Pre2 DAC, you can upgrade in stages to the premium Pre2 DAC Qx model and also add the PSX-R2 power supply, allowing your initial investment to grow with your enthusiasm.