QED – Reference Digital Audio 40 0,6 Meter

119,00  inkl. MwSt.



The Reference Digital Audio 40 utilises a carefully engineered geometry to achieve the precise characteristic impedance required for the maximum transfer of S/PDIF signals. Silver plated conductors have the benefit of lowering the resistance path for high frequencies that would otherwise be travelling in the conductor periphery and lost due to the “skin effect”. Traditional RCA plugs used for S/PDIF connections are insufficient due to characteristic impedance that is not even close to the 75 ohms required for perfect energy transfer. QED “Digiloc™” plugs by their innovative design are much more closely matched to the cable impedance reducing return loss by up to 1dB when compared to conventional RCA plugs to ensure optimal signal transfer and improved micro-timing of the audio signal.

• Silver Plated 99.999 % Oxygen Free Copper (SPOFC) central conductor with extruded foamed Polyethylene (PE) dielectric- for sonic purity and low return loss
• Double 99.999 % OFC braid for 100 % electromagnetic screening coverage
• Twin leaf 24c Gold plated QED ‘Digiloc ™’RCA plugs featuring high purity copper contacts, hollow centre pin and low eddy current design
• 75 ohm coaxial design with close match 75 Ohm locking plug for reduced return loss
• QED Lifetime Guarantee



https://www.qed.co.uk/ QED ist Europas Kabelhersteller mit den meisten Auszeichnungen von den Redaktionen und Lesern der Fachmedien und hat mit seinen Produkten mehr Testerfolge des britischen Magazins „What Hi-Fi?“ errungen als jede andere Marke.